Web hosting – what is it and what is it used with?

Do you ask yourself: Web hosting – what is it? Imagine a situation that you want to set up a website. If you share it directly from your computer, after turning it off, it will no longer be available to visitors.

You’ve surely noticed that websites, storefronts, blogs and many other platforms are available around the clock, continuously, without interruptions. You can shop at any time, including holidays or in the middle of the night. All because the server on which the website is located works continuously. 

The web server is therefore a space on the disk rented in a company whose computers operate around the clock. Your website is placed on them. Regardless of the time of day, you can view and manage its content. The computer of such a company is therefore a server, and the provision of space on the server is called a hosting service.

Where to buy hosting services?

There are companies on the market that provide these services. So if you have the need to start your website, you can use them. All the necessary data is made available on the servers. These can be small websites, online stores, photos, content, videos, e-mail accounts.

Choosing web hosting

The decision to create the chosen form of communication on the Internet is the first step to an amazing adventure and development. However, it is worth paying attention to the details in the hosting company’s offer to avoid unpleasant surprises.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of space provided. It is important that it is enough for all the activities that are planned to be carried out. The cost of the service is an equally important factor.

Many companies offer attractive rates, but after a year the prices for services increase sharply. That is why our clients are happy to cooperate with us, because by paying a given amount for a year or a month, it will also be valid for the renewal of the hosting service contract. It will not increase unexpectedly, so you can consider this as a fixed cost on your project.

Proper operation of the hosting

Before buying a hosting service, it is worth asking about the uptime, i.e. the percentage of server uptime. Desired uptime is 99%.

It is also necessary to make sure that the disks on which your website will be located are in good technical condition.

Also ask about the transfer, i.e. the amount of data that will be downloaded by potential Users. Every time they visit your site, they view information that needs to be loaded on their browsers. The more complex the website is, the more content a given User has to load. It is worth considering the transfer limit in individual hosting companies’ offers.

Every professional hosting company cares about the security of the data on their servers. We are also talking about personal data and customer data. It is necessary to take into account the security of information in paper form, i.e. all types of contracts and forms, as well as securing servers against hackers.

An extremely important factor when choosing web hosting is also the availability of modern technologies. Everyone wants to be able to develop, and keeping up with innovative technological innovations is very important in the virtual world. That is why it is so important to be able to adapt the server to your website, i.e. be able to use even PHP technology. It is worth asking the customer service for details in this regard to be sure that the website will work reliably.


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